Unlocking the power of communities

Market Xcel is building the Largest Online Community Engagement Platform

Working towards the automation of marketing and insights, LOCEP is a virtual community bringing groups of people together to interact and share their opinion on topics of common interest despite being separated by distance or time zones.

How we help?

Offering market researchers a wealth of insights.

With a strong community of 1 million panelists, we provide the industry with credible, qualified, and actionable insights across diverse verticals and sectors.

Customized to your needs


& Relevant



A powerhouse in market research analysis, our team of experts offer a customized approach, and a qualified community panel facilitating conversations powered by AI, ML, and human moderation tailored to fit your research goals.

Your quest for all-in-one insightful communities ends here. 

Giving everyone the chance to be heard and creating values, LOCEP is your go-to data-driven feedback platform.
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VeIS- Voice Enabled Messaging App

Rapid, reliable, and accurate, VeIS is a chat-based, voice-enabled, and highly interactive research solution to connect with consumers.

A game-changing insight platform, VeIS captures in-moment responses via commonly used chat apps like WhatsApp and other social messengers for real-time insights and feedback. The platform offers a simple and effortless way of receiving insights in the form of video, images, or text. 

Capturing in-the-moment responses


User feedback in a swipe.

Implicit is a community-based research platform that offers an exclusive way to get answers to the questions related to your brand. It captures feedback from users for a brand’s idea, communication, images, or videos. Implicit serves as both an intuitive and habitual way of meeting consumer expectations and garnering their opinions. The swipe has sprightly become a global gesture of refusal and acceptance. 

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Implicit - Giving your intuition a rightful place in a researcher's toolkit

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Chapter House

Dedicated chat room empowering scholars and students to conduct their online research studies.

Wide Network

Better Opportunities

Elevate Career Aspirations

Easy Participation


Civitas is a community platform based on psychographic and ethnographic consumer behavior

Civitas helps reach audiences like expats, HCs and B2Bs. Civitans can interact with each other on various topics that enable the AI-based platform, to track mentions and conversations related to brands that further analyze data for insights.

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